Solutions for Accountants

NovusTec has been serving accountants since 2004 and is able to offer the best solutions available on the market-a perfect marriage of Zucchetti reliability and NovusTec consulting assistance tailored to you.

Needle Infinity | Zucchetti

Web software that innovates your firm’s activities by offering you more efficiency in a single solution: more productivity in accounting and tax activities, more speed in communication, more effectiveness in client consultations.

Digital CFO | Zucchetti

Maximum control and advanced Anti Crisis alert systems to stay connected with your Clients’ Business.


An innovative Cloud solution ideal for the areas of Budget Analysis and Management Control that allows for elaborations, simulations and insights on financial statements and accounting situations

Ominia | zucchetti

Comprehensive accounting management solution, using comprehensive modules rich in numerous automations that allow, not only to improve and simplify the firm’s operations, but also to eliminate the possibility of errors

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