Leanus is the web solution used by Professionals for business data analysis, evaluation and management.

It is the Tool that helps the accountant expand the services offered to business clients and to increase their degree of retention. It allows you to Analyze financial statements, business information, and make elaborations and insights into the numbers.

More Accuracy in Your Analyses

Leanus financial analyses are done in real time, can cover a time span of 2 to 10 years, and, if you use Zucchetti programs for accountants, can also be done on the data in your accounting system. For each year you can view any information useful for understanding the company and the competitive environment in which it operates. You can calculate the value of one or more enterprises (Equity and Enterprise Value), assess their risk profile, and prepare the Business Plan. Both basic information (major reclassification schemes, ratios, cash flow statement analysis, etc.) and complex elaborations reserved for the most demanding analysts (Altman’s Z-Score, Rating, Break-Even Point, Operating Leverage and more) are available.

No installation

Competitive tool

Increased Productivity


Intuitive and user-friendly

Why choose Leanus

Leanus is available via the Web and usable from any PC workstation.




Leanus allows you to visualize, process, edit, and aggregate information at a glance.



In seconds you can do processing that used to take hours or whole days.

Integration with the Omnia suite and Ago Infinity software allows you to benefit from numerous automations.

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