Ad Hoc Revolution

Grow Your Business with Ad Hoc Revolution

Zucchetti’s modular and scalable business management system that meets the needs of your medium or large enterprise by reducing management time and costs.

Everything you need

Ad Hoc Revolution enables integrated management of every aspect of your company’s daily operations. With Ad Hoc Revolution you can manage all activities with one tool.

Modular and Flexible

With over 40 modules available, you can choose the configuration best suited to your needs management of the company. Choose only the modules you need, you will then have the option of integrating other functions as your company size or management needs increase.

Fully Customizable

Ad Hoc Revolution is fully customizable in form and content: you can modify screens, menus, queries, printouts, reports, and every document in the application in real time to suit your company’s specific needs.

Ad Hoc Revolution | Zucchetti

Management Software tailored to your business.

Reliable, Simple and Fast

Ad Hoc Revolution manages relevant and strategic business processes in the company in an integrated way: administration, accounting, management control, sales, purchasing, logistics and production. Ad Hoc Revolution is the management system that offers everything you need, in one tool!

Management for Your Growing Business

Ad Hoc Revolution

All in one tool.


Ad Hoc Revolution is the management system that you can entrust with the entire quiet your business. Its effectiveness is guaranteed by more than a decade of experience and thousands of installations throughout Italy.


The software is easy to install and use, thanks to thepleasant and intuitive interface. The online guide is always up-to-date, and multimedia aids make it easy to use, reducing training time.


With Ad Hoc Revolution you can close accounts, make an invoice, update stock in the warehouse faster. You spend less time on tedious, repetitive tasks and become faster and more efficient.

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