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Ago Infinity is the web software that innovates professional firm activities

Ago Infinity gives you modernity and greater efficiency in a single solution: more productivity in accounting and tax activities, more speed in communication, more effectiveness in client consultations.

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Why choose Needle Infinity for your Company?

More Efficiency, More Simplicity and Fewer Mistakes

Ago Infinity ensures the management of the Firm’s increasingly complex workflows along with Strategic Management of internal resources, with a large margin of productivity and efficiency.

Sharing of Processes between Firm and Client

Ago Infinity ‘s Web-based exchange of processes and information takes place in an open system, where Firm and Client Firm meet and operate with a single integrated solution that enables immediate communication.

Innovative, Digital, Secure

Needle Infinity guarantees a secure access and allows tasks to be assigned to different users in the Firm/Association and companies, depending on different skills and needs.

Effective Control of Activities, Timelines and Deadlines

Ago Infinity has a work time and deadline control system that helps the Accountant inorganizing the Firm’sactivities.

What are the Advantages of Needle Infinity?

The Features

Zucchetti’s Ago Infinity also simplifies Firm management through its Innovative Features and Automations, thus offering numerous Benefits for the Firm that chooses to use it.

Ago Infinity Software for Accountants

One Software for All Activities

Ago Infinity is the accounting and tax software For all activities of Accountants and Associations. Customer data are entered only once and are used for various fulfillments.

Integration between Firm and Client Companies

With Ago Infinity Studio/Association and Companies operate within the same system, where the data are always up-to-date and aligned: shared documents, payment fulfillments, data in accounting (e.g., active cycle, passive records, payment schedule).

New Perspective for Information

With Ago Infinity you can browse through data, choosing to view information either analytically or synthetic (e.g., operating, statutory and tax results, taxes, value of inventories), providing clients/associates with increasingly personalized value services, e answers in real time.

Complete Knowledge of Own Customers

With Ago Infinity you quickly derive the economic, fiscal and financial situation of its clients/associates, thus facilitating consulting activities. In addition, the software makes visible also turnover, debt position by due date, seniority of overdue, productivity, total costs and revenues and broken down by client/associate.

Immediate Availability of Updates

Needle Infinity makes simple e safe the fulfillments handled by Accountants and Associations, such as telematics payments and telematics submissions of returns, providing immediate help with lists, checks, scheduling and reporting priorities

Needle Infinity

Needle Infinity makes it possible to simplify processes e increase the operational efficiency of the firm/association, with a significant increase in productivity.

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