Security Services and GDPR

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a regulation consisting of data protection rules that aim at two main objectives: to give European citizens complete control over their personal data and to simplify the regulatory framework for companies handling such data.

Although it appears to be a complicated discipline it actually hides significant business opportunities for companies willing to comply.

Information Security and GDPR
Novus Services

Novus 4 Cloud is the Cloud platform built and managed by Novus and hosted at one of Italy’s largest datacenters. High reliability, superior physical and IT security are some of the most obvious features of a datacenter service.

Novus 4 Cloud enables cloud-based use of Zucchetti software solutions such as:

  • AGO
  • Pagheweb
  • Management 1
  • Ad Hoc Web

These are turnkey solutions for which customers do not have to worry about anything, benefiting directly from the service that can be reached via the Internet.

Novus 4 Cloud also makes it possible to provide project-based cloud services, customized to use third-party software or to migrate on-premise systems to the cloud.

NovusTec’s goal is to make sure that its clients work with total peace of mind, not only for complying with the regulations imposed but also, and more importantly, for obtaining benefits from the solutions offered.

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