Management 1

Simple without forgetting the essentials


Zucchetti Management 1 is the management software that allows you to quickly and easily meet all the needs associated with thesmall business.

Speed of installation

Zucchetti’s Management 1 does not require time-consuming and complex installations and can be up and running in a matter of hours.

Intuitive Interface

Themodern and intuitiveinterface meets the expectations of the most demanding users and maximizes the user experience through simplicity and functional completeness.

Flexibility and Modularity

The versatility and modularity, which distinguish Management 1, allow you to further enhance its functionality and rely on a business management system that is perfectly aligned with your needs.

Management 1 | Zucchetti

Management Software for the Small Business

Simple, Modular and Flexible

Management 1 is the modular product capable of meeting your every need.

The benefits for your company

Zucchetti Management 1


The effectiveness of Gestionale 1 is guaranteed by 20 years of experience and thousands of installations throughout Italy. In addition, thanks to Novus’ support, you receive real-time updates through “Live update” services. A solution you can count on, every day.


Management 1 is easy to install and use, thanks to its pleasant and intuitive interface. The Web-based online help is always up-to-date, searchable anywhere, and includes videos that simplify its use, reducing training time.


With Management 1 you easily install on your own and are immediately ready to work. You will be able to close accounts, make an invoice, update stock in the warehouse faster. You will spend less time on boring and repetitive daily tasks and become faster and more efficient.


Management 1 allows you to manage every aspect of your company’s daily operations-from order receipt to invoicing to subsequent accounting. It also allows you to manage collections and payments and fulfill major tax obligations. The software is multiexercise and multi-company.

Modular and Flexible

With more than 20 modules available, you can choose the configuration that best suits your enterprise’s management needs. It is possible to initially choose only the modules actually needed, and then to supplement the application with additional modules as the size of the company or the complexity of management issues increase.

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