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Ad Hoc Revolution Web is the next-generation solution designed and developed for small and medium-sized businesses: based entirely onInfinity 4.0 technology, it is accessible anytime and from any device.

Transverse Applications

AHRW is enriched with a number of cross-cutting applications such as agenda, e-mail, DMS and CRM that will enable you to have, with a single tool, full control of your business.

Interface 4.0

Themodern, fresh, clean and intuitiveinterface meets the expectations of the most demanding users and maximizes the user experience through simplicity and functional completeness.

Modular and Scalable

Ad Hoc Revolution Web is modular and scalable, it guarantees you countless configuration possibilities according to your company’s actual needs and can be installed on a single machine, as well as on large virtualized systems that can serve several thousand users and meet a wide variety of demands without any difficulty.

Ad Hoc Revolution Web | Zucchetti

One ERP Software for your Company.


With Ad Hoc Revolution Web you eliminate the costs involved in purchasing and managing all thetechnology infrastructure dedicated to managing data and information. And now that infrastructure is no longer a limitation, management expands in real time as your business grows and you only increase performance when you really need it.

The result? No wasteand at any time you have the power you need!

The benefits for your company

Ad Hoc Revolution Web

Everything you need.

Easier and More Powerful

Than any other solution available on the market

Configurable and Flexible

Through the multiple customization options made available based on user profiling

Developed with the most advanced technologies

To support different modes of distribution
(web, cloud, on premise) and to easily integrate any Zucchetti or third-party service/solution

Integrated with New Features

and cross-cutting issues that go beyond the area of management

Complete and Digital

To manage company data and documents in an organized, rational and accessible way, regardless of their quantity (which grows over time) or format (paper/digital)

Usable from Desktop and Mobile

To be used via browser and through specialized “apps” designed for tablets/smartphones

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