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Novus offers itself as a partner capable of understanding its customers’ needs and meeting them with comprehensive and customized solutions. In this area theOutsourcing provides significant benefits: it contributes to the growth of the company’s business and, by improving the service, it increases the value perceivable by the market.

Novus provides its clients with flexibility in choosing the type of support as well as the required service levels, proposing the solution that best fits individual needs and objectives. Novus proposes services Of:

  1. Application Outsourcing (evaluation, implementation and management of software)
  2. Facility Management, i.e., Outsourcing of hardware and connectivity infrastructure (engineering and management of information networks and machine fleet).

Operationally, we proceed with an assessment of the business environment and then provides an outline for the design, implementation and management of the IT environment, making use of fully integrated procedures and technologies.

Save on Phone and Connectivity Costs

TLC Services

It is becoming increasingly difficult for entrepreneurs to navigate through the different offerings and to understand whether they are paying only the costs that are really necessary for the services that the business needs.

Novus S.r.l. therefore decided to leverage the specialized skills of its consultants to create a tailor-made service for its clients aimed at saving companies money. Optimizing telephone costs is not impossible but certainly can be complicated, as:

  1. Promotions are renewed weekly
  2. Operators are banding together to defend themselves against consumer attempts to curb commercial aggression
  3. Rates are increasingly targeted and customized with the aim of attracting a very narrow target audience, this leads to the customer having to deal with a multitude of disparate offers making the choice increasingly complicated.

In spite of the complexity of the current tariff situation, there are tricks to optimize telephone costs, namely:

  1. Apply calculation algorithms based on some easy-to-detect parameters
  2. Draw on theexperience of experts in the telecommunications and connectivityindustry
  3. Devise customized solutions based on the specific needs of each company.

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There are occasions when companies prefer to use resources from outside the company to perform certain tasks, often to ensure better cost-effectiveness.

In reality, however, there are other important factors that lead to such a choice, especially in the field of IT (Information Technology). Outsourcing is a useful tool for sourcing high-level professionalism that is difficult to manage in-house and can be a quick and effective tool for change.

The main advantage of Outsourcing is the ability to focus on the core business by not committing skilled energies to secondary activities. It also allows for cost certainty by transforming costs from fixed to variable and only when the need arises.

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