Time and attendance for your company

A good attendance platform can solve many problems.

Makingyour employees’ administration more efficient, reducing payroll processing errors, increasing control over productivity and optimizing work scheduling has never been easier!

For Companies

With the new intelligent time tracking systems, you can export your employees’ timesheets and send them to your firm with a single Click.

For Studies

It will be even easier to automatically import the payroll data of your Client Companies’ employees and directly publish the payroll coupons in a Restricted Area thanks to the Service Portalization.

Making digitization of attendance management imperative is the new environment in which businesses find themselves moving, characterized by a distributed, mobile or often remote workforce that makes it impossible to use traditional time stamps and simple Excel sheets.

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Areas of the Attendance Survey

What are your areas of interest?

Based on the aspect you would like to explore in order to improve and optimize human resource management in your company, you can select an area of interest in the form below this list.

HR Service Consulting

Consulting Service for Labor Consultants and to Labor Professionals

Access Control

To plan and manage business shifts by defining working hours, service standards based on business needs

Travel and Expense Reports

To manage the entire process related to missions and corporate business travel from travel arrangements

Payroll and Personnel Administration

Restricted area for companies, Dynamic data analysis in data mining

Goal: to save time

Budgeting and Costing, Shift Planning and Personnel Reporting.

Innovative solution from Zucchetti’s HR Infinity suite for managing and monitoring personnel costs

HR Portal

Created to offer the firm’s clients innovative services and strategic personnel management consulting

Human Resources Development

Tool that supports companies in mapping and managing personnel information.


Corporate welfare management that makes it very easy to manage Flexible Benefits, alternative forms of compensation that consist of fully tax-free goods and services.

Attendance and Absence Management

With new time and attendance systems you can reduce the time and streamline the processes of receiving, managing and approving requests from your employees.

Smart Working

The best software to introduce Agile working into your HR management models, implementing a true Digital Ecosystem in your company

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Time and Attendance has never been easier!

The management of personnel attendance data is an increasingly important need, requiring complete and integrated time and attendance hardware solutions and terminals capable of verifying the transits of people and vehicles, according to criteria of ease of configuration and immediacy of use.
With Zucchetti solutions, you can implement comprehensive attendance management for your company through the use of technologically advanced tools and thus save costs.


Frequently Asked Questions on the topic of Demos

Next you will find some frequently asked questions we receive when customers are considering signing up for a Demo.

If you have other questions you can contact us by filling out the form on this page.

What are the areas of interest?

Choosing an area of interest will help us find Attendance Survey topics that can be really helpful to you in improving your business.

What happens when I participate in a Demo?

All Demos are free of charge and without obligation. Consider that they are already being followed by many entrepreneurs and companies for insights and suggestions on the topic of Time and Attendance Detection.

What do the Demos consist of?

Demos are scheduled video meetings in which you will receive insights, elucidation, and advice pertaining to the specific areas of interest you have expressed.

Why should I participate in a Demo?

Because held by experts in the field of Human Resource Management to whom you can also ask questions directly. All this is free of charge and without obligation.

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