What will the accountant of the future look like?

by | Jun 23, 2020 | Professionals, Uncategorized




The accountant of the future will certainly be a telematic, advanced accountant who can rely on new specialized skills and on new support software to offer value-added services for companies, starting with the introduction of theIntroduction of advanced digital tools, and thus of software that can support the work of the certified public accountant.

The four key steps for the future of the accounting profession and professional practices are what?

  1. Innovative software – Change must focus on advanced software for data collection and management.
  2. Cloud computing – Another important point is the use of cloud computing platforms to increase collaboration among professionals.
  3. Shared tools -The last point involves the support of shared tools for data analysis for the purpose of consulting activities.

To the three points identified, another necessary and imperative step must be added: investing in quality training.




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